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iamuniqua Wed 01-Oct-08 13:59:42

Hi, I'd be grateful for any advice on the following:

My child has along-term illness and, so far, hasn't been able to attend school (he's registered at one and would be in Year 1 this year).

The head has always been great and tells us to "just pop in whenever he's up to it."
Today we met his Y1 teacher for the first time and to say it didn't go well is putting it mildly. She questioned his illness (apparently she's never heard of someone so young with it) and was increasingly pushy in trying to establish a timetable of attendance—I took a deep breath and tried to explain that we are only now trying to establish how much he can handle as we don't want to cause a relapse. She then suggested that it may no even be the right school for him! "perhaps it's too dynamic and he needs a quieter school."
It was a long slog just to get his diagnosis and I do not get a good feeling about her.

I took some information up with me regarding his illness and how it should be approached; not too much, about 4 A4 sheets as I didn't want to overwhelm her (and I left the copy in reception for her to read at her leisure).

We had already, more or less, decided that once a week he would attend to do a small class, then see how he is after that.
What do you think I should do? Just carry on as we were intending to do or try to meet with her on a more formal basis?

I would welcome any advice from others who had similar situations, also from any teachers out there who can suggest ways that I can help to ease this situation.

cory Wed 01-Oct-08 15:29:30

I would get a meeting with all the relevant staff (teacher, headteacher, SENCO if any, school nurse if any) to make sure they are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Helpful if you can get his paediatrician to come to. Have learnt this from long and painful experience.

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