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Don't Lose Faith

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charliechew Sat 13-Sep-08 00:07:58

I suppose my advice is to anyone,who is probably like me,has a child who has special educational needs. My dd, who is now 6, is in the process of being diagnosed,with the possible outcome being mild ASD. For me,this whole, which can be initally described as a nightmare, started when my DD turned two - her health visitor noticed that she wasn't babbling or that she had been very slow in reaching her milestones etc. Since then, everything changed. We were referred to speach therapists and educational pyschologists, who,to be honest, lacked the necessary 'people skills' required to deal with worried parents -maybe I just expected too much,I don't know. My DD now has a statement of Educational needs,but the process of getting it has all but basically ruined my marriage. I have just started my DD at a new school,which I can't believe is actually brilliant. The last school was a bit of a let down. Everything started off ok,then it just all went so wrong. Basically, the class teacher didn't want the extra respsonsibility of having an SEN pupil in her class. I'm just hoping that everything goes ok in her new school. But, for the first time in ages I feel that just maybe it will. My advice to anyome having a nightmare with all of the so called people involved in your childs SEN is just to hang there, and not let it get to you. There is light at the end of the tunnel, it just may take a bit of time to find it.

FanjolinaJolly Sat 13-Sep-08 00:13:07

I am glad it is working out for you now,charliechew.

(Am just at the start of the whole process.So far pretty good.Have Portage in place and dd has been referred for PLA support at her nursery having been seen by Ed Psych.)

Am just beginning to get to grips with all of the acronyms

charliechew Sat 13-Sep-08 00:51:03


Just read your post. The portage service, will be brilliant. They will act as a go between,between you and all of the people involved in your DD statement. My best advice is, find out,if you can, about the schools/playgroups who are more SEN friendly,the ones who have more experience with SEN,will be better -believe me. I think the mistake I made was letting all of the negative things they said about my DD get to me. The trouble is, in getting the statement, unfortunately, there are alot more negative things said then postive. Good luck and just keep fighting for everything your daugher deserves.

SammyK Tue 07-Oct-08 08:12:14

Charliechew - thankyou

I am off to see the paediatrician today for the first time, and SALT tomorrow for the firdt time - trying to get ds diagnosed asd/aspie.

I too feel very sad and worn out by out and only just begun the process so thank you for your positive post.

MaryBS Tue 07-Oct-08 08:21:09

Just wanted to add my support to you cc, and to you SK. DS was diagnosed a year ago with Asperger's. The school are now going to apply for a statement for him. It isn't easy but if it makes his life easier, then I'm all for it.

I was diagnosed myself TWO WEEKS ago, with Asperger's. I have a husband and 2 lovely children, a degree in Maths, work part time, but did have a good career in IT prior to having children. I'm not the only adult Aspie on here either.

If I can help anybody, feel free to CAT me.

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