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Statementing Dyspraxia and Autism

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smeagle Mon 14-Jul-08 18:06:09

Hi all,

I have two boys with ASD, one who is 10, in mainstream on school action plus, he has an ASD dx, (given Dec 07) as well as a Dyspraxia Diagnosis, (given 02) had IEP etc since nursery, ASD dx'd after TO/PT decided he was ADD, we've managed on school action plus, but he is heading towards Senior School, and I know he's going to find senior school harder to deal with. Larger school, more people, needs to be more mobile, more independent etc... My son shuts down completely in situations he can't handle and a corridor full of children is going to be one of those. He does it walking down the street, going round the supermarket etc.

The Dyspraxia means he's not that organised, likely to get lost, forget where he's going, has both fine and gross motor issues, his physical abilities when it comes to holding a pencil, & writing, doing PE, getting dressed etc are sadly lacking. We have it in writing from OT & PT that a laptop would make his life easier in school, the primary school aren't able to provide this because he doesn't have a statement. So I've asked for a statement, which I really want to be in place for when he goes to senior school.

I've been told by school today I'm not likely to get a statement for him as the LEA just aren't giving them out, and then later had a 10 minute phone call with school making me feel guilty because I've applied for a statement for him, and another child missed out on a session with a salt because of my application for a statement. I know my priority is my son, and meeting his needs, but now I have guilt too.

Just wondered if anyone else had been through the process of taking on the LEA and getting a statement for a child with Dyspraxia & Autism who so far has managed on school action plus, and any suggestions on places to go, people to talk to would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

bubblagirl Mon 14-Jul-08 19:15:46

bumping for you

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 15-Jul-08 07:01:29


Forget what school says; apart from anything else they do not make the decision whether to assess or not. I feel they have served your DS poorly to date on SA plus (as the support is minimal and importantly is not legally binding). They haven't as well been able to provide your DS with a laptop as there is no Statement in place!.

A Statement should be issued on the basis of statutory need, not on whether there's enough money or not.

IPSEA are very good at the whole statementing minefield so their website is well worth reading You may also want to contact the National Autistic Society as well and read their webpages.

If you've personally applied for a Statement for him then great. You need to give the LEA six weeks to reply, if they say no then you can appeal their decision. I would say as well that these things can take six months to set up if the LEA agree to assess.

I cannot see how another child missed out on a SALT appointment because of your application. That to me does not add up. Sod any feelings of guilt, guilt is a useless emotion.

Would also suggest you post your message also on the Special Needs boards of this website. That board is a busier one.

Good luck.

You are your child's best - and only - advocate.


smeagle Wed 16-Jul-08 17:18:03

Thanks for that Attila, am still trying to find my way around here, so will post on the special needs board if I can find it grin

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 17-Jul-08 07:04:58

The Special Needs section is the seventh heading on the left hand side under Being a Parent section on the main Talk page.

jellyhead Thu 17-Jul-08 07:33:05

Th school are being unfair to you it is not your fault or problem another child missed out on a salt session and they did not need to tell you that.

My nearly 9 ds1 has autism and ADHD I recently applied for a statement for similar reasons as your own
We were unsuccessful as he is apparently performing at average or just below average level at school with teaching support.

The IPSEA website was good as was my local council website with school information.

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