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princesspie Fri 11-Jul-08 10:45:45

Hi everyone. I'm new to mumsnet. I have 3 little ones age 9 7 and 4. I've just found out that my middle one has dylexia. i feel so lost. my husband can't see that she has difficulties and i think he resents me for having her assesed. i don't even know how to explain what dyslexia is to him let alone to my daughter and the other kids in the family. I love her so much, and i have known for a long time that something was wrong. i thought i would feel better when it was confirmed, but it has created more questions and problems. i feel that i have let her down. i know that dyslexia isn't a terrible thing, i thought that once she was diagnosed that i could get some help for her, but i don't know what to do next. please, if anyone can help me, then i would be really grateful x

Hathor Fri 11-Jul-08 11:03:28

Can you talk to the SENCO at school about the help you can get for her?
Whoever assessed her should also advise what you can do next.

Dyslexia is so very common. Are there other parents you can talk with about the help they are getting in or out of school?

Good luck.

princesspie Fri 11-Jul-08 11:12:27

The lady who assesed her said that i would get a report, but i don't know what to do with it!!

sorry this might sound daft but what is a SENCO ? thanks for your help

Hathor Fri 11-Jul-08 11:18:11

Special Educational Needs Coordinator.
Usually one of the teachers - who is responsible for organising getting appropriate help for any children with special needs (which includes dyslexia).
Ask the head who it is and arrange a meeting with them.

princesspie Fri 11-Jul-08 11:25:16

Thanks!! I have spoken to the headteacher, but she didn't mention this. I don't think they take me seriously (just anoher paranoid mum). She had and assesment and a plan made wihin school a year ago, it idenified problems but it started well and she seemed to be geting help, but as the year went on, no one seemed to keep it up. This is when I looked into other issues and spoke to someone at dylexia action who recommended a full assesment with an educational psycologist.

maverick Fri 11-Jul-08 14:39:53

I know you you've already had your child assessed for dyslexia, but I think you would find the following webpages very helpful and they would help you decide what to do next:


princesspie Tue 22-Jul-08 12:49:02

Thanks everyone for your advice. I have now received the report from the ed physc and taken it in to school. Just waiting to see what happens withe the new term.

I've also made an appointment wih a teacher at dyslexia action to go and talk through the report with them. There are a lot of results and words that I don't understand so I hope they can help with that.

I've also ordered some books to help me explain it to my daughter and my other kids. I still have'n explained it to my daughter as i really don't know how to explain it to her, i don't want to make her feel bad or upset her. any advice would be good!!!

lazymumofteenagesons Thu 24-Jul-08 16:03:20

please explain it to your daughter as soon as possible. She will be happy that the difficulties at school have a name and that she is not just 'thick'. I told my son that it just meant he learnt differently to other kids but was just as bright or more so. I had a very good support teacher at school who explained it all to him and gave him a list of famous people who were all very successful but dyslexic.

princesspie Fri 25-Jul-08 12:55:02

I've been to discuss the report with dyslexia action and asked them about how to explain it to my daughter, which they did. I've talked to her and when i said that lots of artists are dyslexic she thought it was pretty cool!!!

The next issue i now have is getting her help. Dylexia action offer tuition but i costs £46 for a lesson each week shock! I just can't afford that. Shouldn't this be available through school? There is quite simply no way i can afford that, so she will probably have to go without, but she shouldn't have to. Surely if i was a pyhisical disability then she would get funding, then why not for this? angry

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