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Annual review - how is this done at special school?

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magso Tue 08-Jul-08 11:44:58

My sons first annual review of his statement is due (overdue). He is in year 3, aged 8 and at an MLD/ASD school since mid sept 07, so am still finding my way with the way special schools do things.
I asked about the annual review and got the reply back via home school book that as all the children have statements, reviews are done at the parent consultation meeting which is today - we usually get a rather rushed 10 minutes!
I'm not expecting much change and got his school report and IEP last week, and agree with most it. Is the system different in special school? I have not received any written reports ( SALT. PAED, EP, etc)
Can any help me - all info I have relates to MS statements.

Bbbee Sat 12-Jul-08 16:50:29

an annual review of his IEP should not be a rushed 10mins IMO.

It should be similiar to how it is done in MS. I know if there are not many changes it is more striaght forward but they should go through each step with you and disscuss how appropiate it is and make changes with you.

sphil Thu 17-Jul-08 07:41:07

At the special school DS2 used to attend they sent out a form in advance for us to fill in - our views on his progress, anything we were unhappy about etc etc. Then we had a meeting which took about an hour, where the statement was reviewed and changes suggested. The school also talked in detail about his achievements and progress, illustrated by a short DVD and still photos of things he'd done in school. This is 'best practice' I think, and maybe all schools won't be quite as diligent, but 10 minutes at a parents evening is ridiculous.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Thu 17-Jul-08 07:44:12

We were sent a report, with the opportunity to write our thoughts down and return. We then have an hour with the head or deputy, class teacher and sometimes outside agencies if appropriate (we've had a SS OT attend in the past for example).

After this we receive a report that gets sent to the LEA.

We also have a paed appointment as part of the review.

I would not be happy with 10 minutes!

hana Thu 17-Jul-08 07:55:47

I work at a special school - appointments for annual reviews are 1 hour long. About 2 weeks before the date we send home a draft copy of the report (which includes all reports by other professionals involved in care of student - ie SALT. Ed Psych, Physio. Social Services, etc) so that parents have ample time to read through.

On day of appointment it's a thorough going through of the paperwork. 10 minutes certainly doesn't do it justice.

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