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Can someone tell me about the Toe by Toe book please?

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bananaknickers Mon 21-Jan-08 21:58:14

I have looked on the internet tonight. Did it help you? Do I need to buy a book for each child ?

Blandmum Mon 21-Jan-08 22:04:01

They use it with dyslexic children where I work, and find it quite helpful

bananaknickers Mon 21-Jan-08 22:08:41

I have found a site that explains in more detail. I would have to buy a book for each child. Is that right? I have two dyslexic boys. Thanks for your reply martianbishop

Blandmum Mon 21-Jan-08 22:11:37

I don't know if you need a book for each, they are quite expensive iirc

Loshad Mon 21-Jan-08 22:11:58

yes they need a book each as you make marks in the book, would be very hard to do without a book per child - school provided the ones for my ds1 and ds3 - ds3 is still slowly working his way though his - we do 5 mins every (ok most) day and although you might wonder what some of the exercises are aimed at they really do help. Reading is much improved already.

swedishmum Mon 21-Jan-08 22:45:45

You can use tracing paper to save the expense of buying two books - that's what they did at the school ds used to attend. Or use dots and 2 difft colours. I do mini marks and only dot, never tick.

acthmt Wed 30-Jan-08 19:35:22

Hi! I work with students on this at a school. Yes you are supposed to have one each but there are ways of getting round it. As they are 20 per book and if you have 20 students it gets costly. It is very pragmatic but well worth the time and effort and is renowned for helping those who struggle with dyslexia type disorders. It revises each part of language until it is learnt. I generally use a HB pencil and rub out the marks once it's been used or if a student leaves the school. The information in the coach student is read by the person supporting and even if you're not a teacher it is simple and prompts the supporting person on what to tell the learner. It's best if you can devote about 15mins per day as it can increase their reading age by upto 2 years within 3 or 4 months if done properly. I would suggest speaking to the school before you buy one - but if you're intending on doing it the link is or com I forget which. GOOD LUCK.

Christywhisty Wed 30-Jan-08 23:55:59

I bought the stareway to spelling book, which is published by Keda as well. Can't you just photocopy the pages that need writing on.
The Stareway book had a page at the back of the book that was meant to be photocopied.

hellenback Thu 31-Jan-08 17:14:41

We have a copy no longer used - will sell if you want.

catok Fri 08-Feb-08 22:27:31

Hi! I use Toe by toe at school. It's suggested that you do no more than 10 mins per day; but spot any problems and ask school for extra support on these to back up the book. School should have phonics games, etc to help. Most pupils gain a lot from this.

alfiesbabe Sun 10-Feb-08 16:05:04

Yes, there are ways round the cost thing - tracing paper etc
IME kids either love it or hate it - it's very structured and works by lots of 'overlearning' - frequent repetition. Can be great for some very dyslexic kids. Other kids just find it too tedious, and dont like the 'nonsense' words element to it. Horses for courses i guess.

PlaySchool Sun 23-Dec-12 20:09:16

I've just ordered this. I hope it works!

Cat9999 Thu 10-Jan-13 09:13:42

Have a look at Yes We Can Read - - anyone can teach someone to read, no training is required. Suitable from age

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