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DS7 with Aspergers....struggles with homework, how can I help?

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pepsi Wed 19-Sep-07 12:41:54

My ds really hates doing his homework. He has just started Yr 3 and I think he is struggling to take everything in. He has a homework book which he brought home for the first tiime last night, but he hadnt written anything in it, I find out from other Mums what he has to do but I cant rely on that forever. I have phoned the school today so I can reiterate that he needs reminding and a bit of help during this first month to get him in the swing of things. His teachher last year was brilliant and he finished the year on 2b/c in everything except writing at which he is very poor. Im very worried he will slip back during this year. His reading has already nosedived for some reason. He cant seem to remember where he is in a sentence and often missing a word and reads the same sentence twice. They are getting homework every night, last night it was maths and there were 37 questions....he didnt bring it home, but I was told about it. Seem rather a lot to me, my friends ds took over an hour to do it, I will struggle to keep my ds focused for anything like this. Does anyone else experience this with their child and should I just be more relaxed about thinngs and not worry about him keeping up.

curlywurlycremeegg Wed 19-Sep-07 12:48:05

Firstly I told the school that if it wasn't written in his homework diary for him it wouldn't get done as DS1 would scribble in something vague that I couldn't read and he couldn't remember. Secondly he only had to do half an hour and whatever was completed in that time was enough. We agreed this with the school as the optimum ammount of time for DS1, he remained motivated to do haf an hours wok as he was rewarded with half an hour of something he really enjoyed such as his PS2 or a DVD as soon as he had completed he work

pepsi Wed 19-Sep-07 12:52:41

I think this is what I need to arrange to. I cant understand how teachers expect children of this age to be so organised and not forget anything. I would have thought they would have asked the children to write down their homework, but would have checked that they have done so for the first few weeks, hey ho.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 19-Sep-07 13:36:11

Hi pepsi,

Does your son have a Statement of Special Needs in place?.

pepsi Wed 19-Sep-07 13:41:53

He is not this the same as a statement of special needs. He was diagnosed in May and the school is aware of this. He was seen this week by the local authority specialist who visits schools to advise teachers on how to make everyones lives easier in the classroom, so Im hoping her advice will help his new teacher. Trouble is his new teacher doesnt fill me with confidence as to her abilities, there were a lot of complaints about her last year and she didnt seemm to be able to cope. Its harder to speak to the teacher once they are in juniors. I know she has a whole class full of children to look after but it seems to me that a few simple strategies can save everyone a lot of time.

TheApprentice Wed 19-Sep-07 13:41:54

Pepsi, I think curlywurly is right, if your child has aspergers then he shouldnt be expected to do the same amount as the other kids, and he certainly shouldnt be expected to write down his homework as organisational skills can be something those children find hard.

As a teacher I was always advised when helping children with any kind of SEN to break the work down into small manageable chunks. So if there are 15 questions, say, then they are broken down into 3 groups of 5 with a "reward" (sticker, smiley face) etc after eaqch chunk is completed.

Maybe you could help your ds in a similar way. But I'd have a word with the teacher if I was you, maybe you can compromise?

TheApprentice Wed 19-Sep-07 13:43:19

X posts, sorry!

Speak to the teacher first, and if you are still unhappy go and see the headteacher or SENCO.

Hope that helps

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 19-Sep-07 14:49:33

Hi Pepsi

Re your comment:-
"He is not this the same as a statement of special needs".

Yes it is.

He could certainly do with a Statement. I would seriously consider applying for such a document for your son. You don't need the school's permission to do this and you can write to the Chief Education Officer of your LEA. Don't let school do it, if you do this you'll know its been done then.

The problem as well is that the school meither have the time, inclination or resources to work with your son. This is why a Statement is called for; it will give the school more resources in terms of funding.

No statement to my mind equals no support and school life will in all likelihood get harder for him as he proceeds through the school system.

You as his Mum are his best and only advocate. He has as much right to an education as any other child.

I reckon as well that Infants was hard for him too.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 19-Sep-07 14:51:22

A couple more suggestions for you:-

look at IPSEA's website which is

Contact the National Autistic Society

Put your post on the Special Needs forum of this website. You'll get replies that way too.

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