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4 month old stopped cooing, help!

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collette21 Thu 16-Aug-07 15:52:42

My Little boy stopped cooing a few weeks ago (4months)- about the same time he started rolling - befor he would always be oohing, gooing and gurgling and then it just stopped!
it does seem to coincide with when he became physically active, could this be why?
No problems with hearing and still squeals, laughs and smiles, good eye contact and gets chatted to alot etc.
did anyone else find this happened?

please help I'm so worried health visitor said not to worry but i can't help it!

PrettyCandles Thu 16-Aug-07 15:57:56

It's absolutely fine! Really. Babies go through phases when they stop doing a previous 'skill' because they're learning an new one, or because it's been superseded by a new skill. It could well be connected to the physical activity. With all three of my children I've noticed that the period between starting to do something new and mastering it is accompanied by a great change in their communication. Eventually they end up being even more communicative!

lemonaid Thu 16-Aug-07 15:58:39

No direct experience of this, but they do often pick up one skill, do it for a while and then drop it for a bit when they work on the next thing (I know DS did this with waving, for example). It doesn't normally mean they've forgotten it forever.

collette21 Fri 17-Aug-07 10:49:11

have been talking so much to him, i noticed today actually he has been looking as though he's going to say the 'b' sound with his lips and he kind of forces a noise out if that makes sense? he's staring really intently so i suppose he must be taking it all in....... i'll feel so much better when i hear a few familiar oohs and aahs again

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