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Child not receiving the one to one 22 1/2 hrs support.

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Timelass Fri 18-Oct-19 19:25:54

Thank you I was asking 're grandchild, will pass into on to my daughter.

10brokengreenbottles Fri 18-Oct-19 12:56:57

Is the EHCP specific and quantified? Or woolly with e.g. or equivalent?

If it is specific then ultimately it is the LA that are responsible for ensuring provision in the EHCP is given. So, if you don't get anywhere with the school complain to the LA's Director of Children's Services - IPSEA have a model letter you can use. If that doesn't work you can threaten judicial review, which usually works.

If section F isn't specific and quantified then you need to make it so via AR or early review, and tribunal if necessary.

Timelass Fri 18-Oct-19 09:56:40

Advice needed.
Ehc in place
Awarded 22 1/2 hrs per week.
For the last two days maybe more, my GS has not had his supporter.
Assumed she was off ill, turned out she has been in school teaching phonics to another class.
For last three pick ups from school, he has been distressed and in tears.

Head teacher is apparently unavailable, too busy to take calls.
Parent is e-mailing school.
Any advice remaking a complaint and how to move forward.

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