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What does your child’s school provide for SEN?

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Hi guys.

I’m looking at what schools and SENCOs in particular provide for your children at their schools?

Or if your a SENCo, what do you do in your school to provide support to pupils and parents?


LetItGoHome Thu 17-Oct-19 14:15:57

Had a parents evening last night and found out the teacher of my year 3 child hadn't been informed of his dyslexia.
My youngest, in reception is hearing impaired and neither myself or my child has had any contact with the senco.
So in our case the senco doesn't appear to do a lot 😔

Tjorven64 Fri 18-Oct-19 09:33:19

My experience is that they're completely hogwash. The school gave my son a statement and he has not received any support even though they know they are able to receive funding for 1:1 for him. They've known this for 3 years and done nothing to help him or me. Right now he's been part time excluded because of disruptive behaviour. First from afternoon. Then I had to pick him up before lunch. This week I was told I have to pick him up 10am instead of 11.40. I haven't received any letter from head teacher either about the exclusion so they know full well what they're doing is illegal sorry for the rant. I just get no help.

Hi both. I am really appreciative of your reply’s. I am really sorry that both schools do not seem to be doing all they can to help your children.

Have you gone in to school and met with your SENCOs?

Tjorven64, have you tried speaking to your caseworker from the local authority? You could request an emergency annual review with the school and LA.

Kuponut Fri 18-Oct-19 17:05:16

Our SENCO is flipping awesome. Will put anything easily achievable in place the same day you make the request in many instances; will beat errant departments late sending reports back into submission under the sheer weight of telephone calls and is really approachable and easy to get hold of if we need a chat before or after school.

We are incredibly incredibly lucky... unfortunately it's an infant school so next year we have to move on and my attempts to persuade her to consider a move to KS2 haven't worked.

Tjorven64 Fri 18-Oct-19 17:59:18

Oh how I wish my senco was like that kuponut. She's been on my case that he needs to be removed from mainstream and not be in that school hes in now. Well hes not there now of course because hes been pretty much dumped, and nobody has contacted us from the office that I'm keeping my son from school. If I'm getting a fine I'll drag them down because they've not provided any help for him like they are supposed to. By experience hes been doing so well with 1:1 from nursery so why not 1:1 in mainstream like...

mummyof2boys30 Fri 18-Oct-19 18:57:48

Absolutely nothing. Shes currently off on long term sick and no one has replaced her. We are having lots of issues and no one to turn to. Parents evening will be fun next week

june2007 Fri 18-Oct-19 19:15:48

The trouble is schools are meant to do so muc but there is no funding. I think it really depends on the school. My sister has really struggled and has to become "that mum" in order to make sure the school is doing what they are meant to be. My children are lower level needs and the school is supporting them. Never just sit back and expect the school to do it be the akward parent. I'm dyslexic and got loads of help from 9-16 but that because my parents fought for it.

Tjorven64 Fri 18-Oct-19 20:01:52

mummyof2boys30 I feel for you I really do.
june2007 they can get the funding for my son but they are not willing to do so. I hope your sister dont have to tussle as much as I do. I hope she will get the help she's in line for.

mummyof2boys30 Fri 18-Oct-19 21:24:55

It's awful. I don't want to become that mum but looks like I am going to have to. It's his first year mainstream too, he done 2 in a speech and language unit. Back in mainstream with no support

Catwoman1985 Sun 20-Oct-19 23:04:47

Sad to hear such negative experiences.

artichaut27 Tue 22-Oct-19 16:08:04

My DS1 was in lovely small, small classes state school last year. He didn't get his intervention done most weeks. Not because lack of willing, just teachers and TA don't have time because lack of funding.

I volunteer at his school now, as DS2 is still there. I now understand how little the school can do for SEN kids. They do care, and it is very frustrating for them, but the budget is too stretched.

DS1 is now in selective independent school and it's hard work for all of us. But hopefully we'll all find a way of making it work.

In our experience, we've had to do lots of extra work at home and to have private tutor, SALT, OT, etc.

puglyme Thu 24-Oct-19 23:35:37

Not a lot from what I have seen it's taken for my dd to be in year 11 for me to be allowed access to the senco kept making me see head of year. We've had problems for years and no one's listened now we got escalating school refusal they've admitted things have been left too late. Senco requested dd be signed off medically and now I having to chase them up about what happens now no one is in any hurry to help a 15 year old with 8 months left before gcse's. Feel like they've discarded her now her absence is authorised meanwhile how am I supposed to teach her while they have half term and then leisurely consider her future. Sorry rant over nothing is ever straightforward with school

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