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Holme Grange school Wokingham and ASD support

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Schooldilemma1 Fri 11-Oct-19 10:05:11

Hi everyone,

We are looking to move our son from his current private school for y7. The subject teachers are mostly good at supporting him in class but he needs specialist support with relationships and the school doesn’t have the expertise (SEN staff wanting to go with me on the parent courses run by the local authority for eg).
It is so stressful and time consuming and the support lags enormously whilst they research which of course creates issues when they could be avoided.

Holme Grange in Wokingham looks good but I am wanting to drill a bit deeper about their paid for one2one classes and the SEN expertise for ASD.
Can anyone share experiences about how the SEN their could help our son??
We have asked the school to put us in touch with parents at the school but we only got one person who also works there!
Thanks for all support. Stressed insomniac here trying to find the right school 😢

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