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Assessment for Dyspraxia

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Toodallooo2000 Wed 09-Oct-19 11:06:25

Is it possible to get a private assessment for Dyspraxia? I suspect my 18 year old DC has this and wanted to get a speedy assessment. He is taking an A-Level in June which he is doing as an independent candidate. I want to ascertain if he qualifies for additional time. I'm not sure if we went down the usual route for assessment that the assessment would be done in time to sort out Access arrangements for next year's exam.

Catwoman1985 Wed 09-Oct-19 20:31:41

Some specialist teachers will diagnose Dyspraxia but it should be via an OT or paediatrician normally. However you don’t need a diagnosis for access arrangements, just scores that are low enough. What’s the school/ college SENCO like?

Toodallooo2000 Wed 09-Oct-19 23:34:02

*Catwoman1985" DS has finished College in June, so he hasn't got access to specialist teachers unfortunately. He is doing Maths A-level on a distance learning course and will take it as an independent candidate. I have got the letter College sent
last year confirming that DS needs to use a laptop for exams on account of illegible handwriting. It's just that it isn't practical to do Maths exam next year using a laptop. The problem is that he will get marked down as they won't be able to read his workings out.

artichaut27 Thu 10-Oct-19 09:22:17

Have your tried to call the helpline at Dyspraxia Foundation?

They are difficult to reach but might be able to help.

Toodallooo2000 Thu 10-Oct-19 13:06:28

Thank you. I will give that a go!

MeggyMeg Thu 10-Oct-19 17:41:40

Has he got an EHCP? You could request an assessment at the next review?

Toodallooo2000 Thu 10-Oct-19 18:53:49

No, he doesn't have a EHCP, so can't pursue that unfortunately.

Catwoman1985 Mon 14-Oct-19 20:34:52

For exam access arrangements he doesn’t need a diagnosis just a low enough score on the standardised tests the assessor uses. Find out who does the exam acces arrangements for his college. The diagnosis itself won’t change anything.

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