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4 year old at risk of exclusion. Please help

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FishfingerSandwiches4Tea Sat 05-Oct-19 22:06:10

As title. Due to behaviour. There are social difficulties as in lack of or inappropriate interaction. We've been asking for help for years but been fobbed off, now suddenly it's serious. Going back to the GP (again) to ask for referral to paediatrician. Early years psychologist will be providing intensive support but no idea yet what this will entail and reduced timetable at school.

We believe he is displaying signs of autism and ODD. What happens now? How do we get any kind of diagnosis?

Worried sick 😥

Ellie56 Sat 05-Oct-19 22:30:38

Your son should not be on a reduced timetable at school . This is illegal exclusion.

Apply for an EHC Needs assessment describing all the issues and citing the fact that school are excluding him as they are unable to meet his needs. Info here:

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