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Please help, DS Y3. DCD, dyslexia, adhd?

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Lndnmummy Sun 29-Sep-19 16:22:37

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Today 16:20 Lndnmummy

Hi, posting about ds who has just started Y3. I spoke to his teacher as we are concerned about handwriting and literacy (didn’t pass SATs) and was below + in Y2. Everything else was expected.

She said that he was now below in all areas, I don’t understand as he has just started Y3. To clarify, this is not one of the my ds is so advanced but the school doesn’t realise posts. He IS struggling and I’m fighting tooth and nail for him. He is on the waiting list for OT. I’m pretty sure that there is ADHD and or dyslexia as well. I’m saving up for a private assessment. Y2 was a write off as teacher said he was just lazy. I bet he is trying harder than anyone else in the class. But. He isn’t coping with the work.
I understand the pressure on recourses. I’m not asking the school to magic it at away. I just want an acknowledgement that he has an issue so that he doesn’t get shouted out, kept in at break times etc for his poor handwriting.
I feel like I’m doing this blind. He IS behind, reading level purple despite reading every night and ya reading to him. The writing is impacting everything else ie he knows his timetables but doesn’t pass the weekly tests as he can’t finish it in the 3 minutes. Ditto spelling.

He has now developed nervous ticks and is anxious most of the time. It breaks my heart.
Any advice? Any senco tutors in SE London that can help me?

tiredmumneedssleep Sun 03-Nov-19 05:28:27

I just saw your post and I'm hoping that you've been able to get some assistance or support in the interim.

It sounds like things have been really tough.
My DD8 had suspected dyslexia back when she was 5 years old. However, they didn't formally diagnose her. I didn't want to wait for diagnosis, so I assumed it was dyslexia, and I bought the Dancing Bears and Apples & Pears books and worked with her myself. We did around 40+ minutes a day, and her reading and spelling dramatically improved.

Over around 2-3 months she gained over a year in reading fluency, and whilst it took an awful lot of determination and persistence, I think it was worth it.

We didn't go with a tutor, as I had already paid for over a year's worth of one-on-one weekly speech and language therapy, and found limited improvement. I preferred working with DD directly.

Hope things are improving for you and good luck!

Beveren Sun 03-Nov-19 11:22:36

Can the school do an assessment for dyslexia? Some have computer programmes that can give you at least some idea.

SNmum101 Mon 04-Nov-19 20:48:27

Sorry to hear that your son’s struggling.

My son also has trouble with handwriting, and doesn’t even have pencil grip after over a year of school. Based on other recommendations on here I’ve just ordered the “Write from the start” books from Amazon. I’ve only just read the intro, but course split into 8 booklets and apparently takes a school year to complete if done every day. It’s pre- writing skills that lead to cursive writing, so going around circles both clockwise and anti-clockwise etc. Apparently can be used up to age 11, but better for younger children. Might be worth a look.

Have you talked to the SENCO about potentially using a scribe / keyboard for lessons not focused on handwriting, so he can communicate more easily his answers?

Toe-to-toe is apparently also successful for Dyslexia, but not as fun as Dancing Bears, and requires lots of time commitment school are probably unable to provide, but you could do if get child to do 10 mins every evening.

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