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Tjorven64 Fri 13-Sep-19 21:25:34

My kid has started reception and he started half days like every other child did.

This week he did full days and I was thinking it was going well because none of the teachers mentioned anything about his behaviour such as not listening, throwing things, tantrums etc like he used to have in nursery.

So the other day I was told to go to office and I just thought **ooohh no not this again its never good news if I'm getting brought in the office with senco. So she explained to me that he's too mishivious and that he will not be going in for full days until he gets 1:1 help.

They are just waiting for the right person and until then I must take him away at lunch times every day during week. I'm just feeling miserable, senco had concerns of course with his throwing things, miserable during free play afternoons, acting up at lunch, running off and so on.

He isn't violent or kicks or biting so that's a breath of relief. I was getting used to him being there full days and coming home in a relaxed mood and going to bed in a nice manner. And now I feel sad that I have to take him home before his lunch so he can't go play with the other kids because of his mood in the afternoons. He likes school and never fusses going there and he loves the mornings with phonics and numbers.

Is this OK for senco to do? Just curious, and hopefully I don't have to worry about it if senco is right about this.

Tonnerre Sat 14-Sep-19 07:49:17

Is he likely to have anything like ADHD? If so, this would be disability discrimination and unlawful. Talk to them about their duty to make reasonable adjustments.

Are they applying for an EHC Plan?

OneInEight Sat 14-Sep-19 12:35:44

Absolutely not. This is what is termed an illegal exclusion. The fact is if your child is not in school then they will be unable to document the evidence that he needs extra support.

Having said this it depends on how much you want your ds to stay in this school as to how much of a fuss to make. Often parents are blackmailed into accepting reduced hours by the threat of permanent exclusion.

Reduced hours can help transition a child into a new environment but there needs to be a clear timescale and plan in writing as to how he will be reintegrated back into full times hours and I am talking about weeks rather than months. You need to think whether this is being done in the long-term best interests of your child (which it might be) or for the convenience of the school.

Tjorven64 Sat 14-Sep-19 15:12:51

Yes he has a plan already so they know him well. His statements are always updating and progressing and I was told he will need 1:1 support which is fine by me. But they haven't sorted that out yet and I was told by senco that they've put an ad for help now.

But until then he will only go in mornings until that's sorted out so he will need to wait. He has always had doors closed on him since he got his plan.

At nursery they wanted to send him of to a special needs nursery which he attended. But only for a term and then I was told he doesn't need the help actually. He's been discharged from the assessment clinic as well due to massive progress. He hasn't got any adhd he's quite calm and I really don't suspect asd either.

He's just different but of course he's been labelled now. I was labelled too when his age. Nursery staff believed it was something off with me cuz I didn't socialise and ran off all the time.

He's naughty yes and don't wanna listen and obey which annoys a lot, and of course I understand if senco don't want him there cuz he throws things and has a tantrum.

malmontar Sun 15-Sep-19 11:49:48

What they're doing is illegal and it's not your problem that they haven't advertised yet. If he has a plan they knew a long time ago that he was coming in and should've put things in place. There are thousands of recruitment agencies that provide temp support for this exact reason. Go back and say you are not taking him home at lunch. When does he turn 5?

Tjorven64 Sun 15-Sep-19 17:13:48

He turns 5 in Nov. Yes I expected his 1:1 to be in place for him already but now he has to wait a few weeks and the sen coordinator told me his new schedule need to begin with immediate effect. I know that they don't want him there.

His teacher didn't know what to say, she looked genuinely upset because the sen told me I must take him home due to him, according to her words, he is disobedient in the afternoon. He's been sick with cough and fever and he always looks knackered when I pick him up. I get it, afternoons can be hard sometimes for the little ones. Takes time to get used to routines. I don't know what to do? Before he started reception the head teacher told me they won't be able to accept him due to his health plan. It's ruined everything. I wish my English was better I can't even speak up for myself or him. I just bloody cry cuz I don't know what to say.

malmontar Tue 17-Sep-19 06:13:02

Is there any other schools in the area with better Sen provision? You don't need to take him home unless she gives you a piece of paper that his afternoon exclusion has been documented. She is excluding him from the afternoon sessions.

Tonnerre Tue 17-Sep-19 07:00:42

Does the EHCP provide for him to have a full time 1:1 specified in section F? If so, you need to contact the council's SEN department, because they have a legal duty to ensure he gets it. If necessary, threaten court action -

If it doesn't, as for an early review so that they can start the process of amending the EHCP to provide for this. It's in the school's interests because it will attract the required funding.

cheeseandbiscuitss Fri 20-Sep-19 07:35:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mummyshark2018 Fri 04-Oct-19 16:13:03

Agree with other pp, this is an illegal exclusion. The LA will be giving school money to provide additional resources and will expect that it's being used. Contact your Sen caseworker working your LA and tell them what's been going on. I've known lots of schools who have used agency TA's who can start immediately whilst they're recruiting.

Ellie56 Sat 05-Oct-19 22:02:26

This is absolutely not on and amounts to illegal exclusion.

By law only the Head teacher can exclude pupils and you should get an official letter from him/her telling you the reasons for the exclusion and how long it is for.

All you have to say is, "If you are excluding my child for the afternoon, where is the official paperwork from the Head teacher documenting it?" If they try to fob you off tell them they are behaving unlawfully and they are excluding your son illegally.

They won't want to make the exclusions official as they have to notify the Governing Body and the local authority.

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