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mummynumnum Thu 05-Jul-07 07:10:40

Does anyone work in special needs and use IEP writer? Is it any good? I am a secondary senco.

Littlefish Thu 05-Jul-07 13:48:42

Hi mummynumnum.

I used it when I was SENCO in a primary school. I found it really useful as a way of supporting staff go get going wtih writing IEPs. The school had a very low level of understanding about appropriate targets, strategies and achievement criteria, so IEP writer gave them a starting point. It gives a wide range of suggested targets in different areas, but it's really important to personalise it as some of the achievement criteria are a bit dodgy.

So on the whole, I'd say yes, we found it good. I did find that I needed to spend a lot of time supporting staff initially as they weren't used to writing their own IEPs at all, let alone using a software package.

mummynumnum Thu 05-Jul-07 19:14:31

Thanks for that. Good to get a recommedation from someone other than the company selling it.

Phraedd Sat 07-Jul-07 17:47:09

i am an LSA and the teacher that i am woirking with uses IEP writer. It seems to be great!

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