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Advice needed on nephew's reading

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ChazsBarmyArmy Sun 01-Jul-07 00:18:56

My brother & SIL have been called to the school about my nephew's reading. He is falling behind the other children in the class. He is still young (nearly 5). The problem is if he reads or is read what is on a page then as soon as the page is turned over he cannot remember what was on the previous page.
Before you all leap in and say but he is still young I should mention that my brother had severe reading and spelling difficulties as a child and even now still reads painfully slowly and makes surprising spelling mistakes. My parents took him to a specialist as a child but nothing was found, however, that was 30+ years ago and I suspect the analysis of reading difficulties has moved on since then. My brother has a huge amount of practical intelligence and his eyesight is ok so it is just a difficulty with reading.

What would you suggest in relation to my nephew? Where would be an appropriate place to start looking for help or some sort of assessment. I am conscious of my nephew being very young still but it is worrying that he is already falling behind.

ScummyMummy Sun 01-Jul-07 00:51:44

Nowhere. He's not behind. Loads of 4 year olds are at a pre reading stage. Tell your brother and sil that your nephew is a superstar and the school are being extra because reading at 4 is not the norm and he has loads of time to learn. If he still can't read at 7 reading recovery or other intervention will help.

ChazsBarmyArmy Sun 01-Jul-07 14:48:04

I think the issue is less about his overall reading ability and more about the fact that he forgets what was on the page before - its a bit like the information hasn't really gone in. In contrast my DS who is a year younger can go through his favourite books and recite the story fairly accurately without being able to read a word (talking to other people this is not unusual for a child who is nearly 4).
My nephew seems to have the appropriate level of competence in other skills e.g. speech, colouring in, building things etc.
I think we are just a bit concerned because of the problems my brother has had and we didn't know if these problems can be passed on.

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