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Should we agree to OT? Ed Psych says yes, my mum is OT and says no1

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bobsmum Sun 06-May-07 19:33:38

Ds is 4.5 and is on stage 3 of staged intervention via his nursery. He's currently being observed by an EdPsych. Ds has concentration problems, fidgets a lot, but not constantly and finds some new situations and transitions occasionally difficult.

The EdPsych wants him to be seen by an OT because of his inability to concentrate on a task and site still at a table etc. He already has a bizarre rubbery/bobbly squashy cushion to sit on which is apparently working well.

My mum's the head OT in a special needs school and she says she honestly can't think what an OT could do for him. She's sceptical anyway that he's having symptoms pinned on him that aren't there and that he's just being an immature 4 year old a lot of the time.

An OT would hopefully help with his transition into P1 in August, but how likely is it that he's even seen this year let alone within 4 months?

Is it worth our while pursuing this? What sort of things would they suggest anyway?

Sorry for the ramblings - this all seems to be taking over our lives!

MrsWho Sun 06-May-07 19:49:27

Have just read there is some new initiative that all kids with any SN under 11 are to be seen (not sure if thats nationwide)

Just go for it may seem like a waste of time but at least they can't say you've stopped him getting any help!

aig Sun 06-May-07 19:53:50

I suspect the Ed Psych is expecting the OT to do some Sensory Integration work with him. However, in some areas, (like mine), paediatric OTs are trained in this but not commissioned (by the PCT) to provide it, so they don't.
The internet has loads of sites explaining what SI is: I have put in a couple of links (but I am not reccommending anything!)

If anything in there seems to fit there is loads of info out there. If it doesn't then I can't see the role of an OT either.

bobsmum Sun 06-May-07 21:08:22

Thanks MrsWho and Aig - will have a look at those links

LIZS Sun 06-May-07 21:12:54

Can't see it would do any harm . Perhaps the fidgetting could be helped by some postural exercises to help him hold the position more comfortably and with less effort, allowing him to focus better on the task in hand.

bobsmum Tue 08-May-07 16:50:11

I'll speak to the nursery staff again and see if they can get the EdPsych to get him on the waiting list. Like you say - what is there to lose? It'll give my mum something to moan about too She'll be desperate to see if they put a foot wrong.

ellis65 Wed 13-Jun-07 10:46:50

i think you have a perfectly normal 4.5 son here, being what 'normal' 4.5 yr olds do. Have you tried Omega 3 to help with his concentration? I have 15 yr old daughter with special needs, and lacks concentration, i tried it for 6 weeks and school says they found a difference, wouldn't have thought an OT would make any difference, but i suppose any support/advice from professionals would do no harm

Reallytired Wed 18-Jul-07 12:20:35

Well if you aren't paying for it then why not. He does seem terribly young though.

We are waiting for a referal to OT, but my son five and half years old. He has spent a year in reception and is still having problems forming his letters. He cannot use sissors and has problems with a wide range of tasks that require fine motor skills.

I sometimes wonder if we over medicalise children. Four years old seems really young for that level of intervention unless you have a specific problem. My son had problems learning to walk and had to have physio which is why he has been referred fairly early.

Little boys like to run and jump. They don't want to sit at tables doing book work. I enrolled my son in gymnastics and its done him the world of good.

My son has no ablity at gymnastics, however the club have been really good to him. He hasn't been made to feel stupid or useless in any way.

bobsmum Wed 18-Jul-07 12:25:42

Wow- didn't expect to see this thread resurrected after so many weeks

Suffice to say, we've held off on OT so far.

Ds is at nursery 2 full days a week over the summer to aid his transition into P1 and he's loving it.

He's been having Omega3 stuff for about 6 months now. I dont honestly know whether it's helping or whether he's just growing up, but he's a different boy from when this whole intervention thing first happened.

Interestingly the EdPsych didn't bother turning up to his last IEP meeting, so she can't be that concerned and ds can't be flagged up as a big priority.

Anyway, ds is happy and smart and looking forward to P1. I think he'll need a bit of help to learn the ropes, but he'll get there.

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