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What has helped your dyspraxic dc?

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dairymilkmonster Sat 10-Feb-18 17:11:24

DS1 is in yr2 and was diagnosed with moderate dyspraxia in Nov. School had raised concerns about his writing in yr1, but wanted to see if he was just a bit of a late bloomer. Then sports teacher and piano teacher (...starting piano was a disaster and is now on hold...) brought up concerns about motor planning/ co-ordination. Saw community paeds who said he needed an OT assessment and waiting list was about 9-12mo locally. So we did it privately, which vexed me as we both work in the NHS and are very keen it!
OT suggested having appropriate seating inc a textured cushion, using different pencil grips, doing core stability work, doing yoga and trying a writing slope. She wanted to see ds for a few sessions of learning exercises, but we haven't managed to do that yet as I don't want him to miss lots of school. We have been trying to do all the suggested things at home.
Ds is at an independent school - he moved in recep after not settling at all at the state school we got a place at (disappointingly not either of our two nearest schools, which are oversubscribed ++ and don't even take all from their catchment area) - and is socially really happy. School is one form entry, small and nuturing. Only 15 in class with teacher and full time TA. Ds is having 2 weekly 40min 1:1 sessions with the SEN teacher, concentrating mainly on handwriting and building confidence/ self esteem. Latter seriously lacking. I know we are really lucky to be in the situation for him to have this extra support. His reading is fantastic, maths ok (I think he could do better if tried) and everything else basically on track.
Problems we still have:
- Writing is the biggie and feeling demotivated as it is such hard work
- Completely exhausted by school (more so than peers)
- Can't ride bike
- Can't do buttons/ laces (will wear a shirt for school from yr3)
- Likes to be active but gets demoralised when other boys are more co-ordinated/faster/balance better etc than him
- Is at a musical school and feeling a bit left out that he has had to stop piano for now (teachers recommendation) - we have also tried and given up with recorder! He is the only child in the class not playing an instrument.

Just wondered if there is anything else that has really helped if you have a dyspraxic dc? At home/school etc.

I'm finding it hard to see him struggle with things all his friends find easy. I especially find that some of his peers who he is certainly on an intellectual level with (I don't mean they are gifted/special, just all similar) are flying academically, passing music grades, loving team sports and it is sad when ds would like to do something but finds he can't.

GreenTulips Sat 10-Feb-18 18:53:56

Use putty, playdoh, paints, brass, pegs, small lego - anthing to stretch his hands and make them more flexible

Look at right handed/left handed pens which have inbuilt grips

IdrisPtolemy Sat 10-Feb-18 20:09:54

Learning to touch type, Faber Castel grip pencils, swimming, climbing wall, Lego, dot to dot, maze books, visual timetable, cooking

IdrisPtolemy Sat 10-Feb-18 21:48:14

On the music front singing

dairymilkmonster Sun 11-Feb-18 21:08:58


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