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Going private? Help with fees?

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onanotherday Tue 06-Feb-18 13:32:10

My Dd (14) has been school refusing for over a year, it took near a year to see CAMHS.
She has anxiety depression and possible ptsd . Also just started assessing for asd.

She is bright and once gregarious and mixed well. Now almost impossible to get her out from under the duvet . Doesn't sleep until early hours etc.

We have a Steiner school near by which we went to look at. It focuses on nurturing and the individual child. Offers certificates that are recognised by universities and working at own pace. It really could work for her. But I'm a single mum have no money .. of with stress myself! Does anyone know if there is help out there or where to go? TIA

Tainbri Fri 09-Feb-18 11:59:17

Does the school offer a bursery of any kind? Some independents do, worth asking.

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