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Detention in Reception

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GentleReminder Thu 25-Jan-18 08:17:22

My DS,5, has ASD. He started at a mainstream primary in September and generally seems to be doing ok there.
HOwever, I found out that he was put in 'detention' during an after school sports club and made to sit out part of the lesson. I am not really sure what exactly happened, but my DS's impression was that this was for talking and not listening to the teacher.

Whatever transpired I wonder if this treatment is really appropriate? And use of the word detention as well? He is only 5, has never heard the word before, usually he is very well behaved (although he does talk excessively) but might need a few more reminders than the next child to go and do something in a group situation.

Am I right to think that something is wrong here?

irishmissie Sun 11-Feb-18 13:40:13

I have to say that is outrageous behaviour from a school with a child that young! Yes by all means consequences for actions but a time out or a moment in the thinking corner... but to exclude him from the lesson is pretty harsh and I would have asked why such a move was deemed appropriate when there are so many more options to help children so young. I would also speak to the head and place your concerns

Ellie56 Sun 11-Feb-18 22:47:20

I agree detention for any 5 year old is a bit hmm but it is really not on for a child with ASD who is covered by the Equality Act, 2010. The school have a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments.

partydownseason2 Mon 19-Feb-18 23:45:44

Is the club run by the school or an outside agency? Only asking as sometimes the coaches work with children of all ages and may not understand your sons needs.

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