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School problems......again

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Weffers Thu 07-Dec-17 13:39:15

Hi everyone,
This is is my first post ever so please bare with me ☺️
I’m really upset and angry I’ve just about had enough of my children’s school and the way they handle special needs. I have two boys one with asd and learning difficulties and one with social and communication problems (we all think aspergers but he is not formally diagnosed) anyway they run this little group at the end of the day for some of the Sen kids to calm down and relax after school and mix with other children before going home,both my boys attend. Yesterday I Collect my children as usual and the helper on the door is handing out invitations to the parents for a school trip they’d like to take the kids in the group to our local shopping centre to see the Christmas display....sounds lovely except their only some of them and leaving some of them behind! One of my sons was invited and the other one wasn’t. I am so angry how could they treat some of the small group of about 10/12 kids to a lovely Christmas trip and leave the rest behind? I’ve had to say my son can’t attend because it wouldn’t be fair on the other one they were very rude and said ‘well we can’t take all the kids’ if you can’t take all them then don’t take any of them it’s totaly unfair. My asd son is so heartbroken he wasn’t invited and he was in meltdown mode all night it’s been the worst night I’ve ever had with him. This group is supposed to be a place where children who don’t fit in go to feel safe and included as most of them don’t have friends and don’t mix with anyone apart from the 20mins a day that their at group and now their being excluded there as well. My son has never been invited to a party, never been invited to a friends house or Evan had a friend and he is absolulty heartbroken. I don’t i deratand how they can think it’s a good idea to do this. I really want to make a formal complaint do you think I should? There’s been so many problems that We’re seriously considering pulling my asd child out of school because their so rubbish and it’s really effecting his emotional and mental health, has anyone ever done this?
Thank you ☺️

BackforGood Fri 08-Dec-17 16:58:06

You are right, and yes, I would go and speak to whoever was responsible for setting up the group, and/or the SENCo.
It sounds like it has been really badly handled, and that the people making these day to day decisions don't really have an understanding of the very dc the group was set up for.

As to whether you should move schools - really difficult for anyone else to know about all the different factors and ways that will affect your family.
Does he have an EHC Plan ?

Milkandtwosugarsplease Thu 14-Dec-17 20:07:04

How contradictory to run a group on inclusion and not include them all. Your poor babies! I would speak to head teacher or SENCo. first thing tomorrow.
With regards to moving schools I think if you’re really not happy with how your ASD son is being treated then yes you should move. The majority of schools do great work with SEN children, not all unfortunately.

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