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Home Ed child with EHCP, what are the chances of receiving funding?

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MsGameandWatching Thu 09-Nov-17 12:20:49

Ds - 14 has been given an EHCP. He was given a statement while in school and although I withdrew him from school after numerous issues I have always maintained it. It has now transferred over to EHCP. I have been advised that it is unusual for a home ed child to have an EHCP, nevertheless we do and I have also been advised that I could apply for funding to pay for an education producer such as InterHigh. Does anyone know about this or the legalities around it please? Our case worker at the LA is less than useless and seems to have no clue so I thought I would ask here. Many thanks smile

Tainbri Fri 10-Nov-17 15:17:46

You can apply for a personal budget which you couldn't with the old system. I don't have any personal experience but There is some info on the IPSEA website (or call their helpline) your local SENDIS may be more helpful than the caseworker too.

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