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Dyslexia diagnosis... what now

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heartofhome Wed 08-Nov-17 09:36:41

Hi all- my 8yo has been diagnosed with dyslexia after a long battle with school etc- her ed phyc report shows her of good height average ability but specifically falling behind in spelling and segmenting of phonics. Luckily working memory / processing seems on par with IQ, so think she has ability- it’s just I don’t know what to do next - school support for specialist teachers not happening to next year due to large backlogs, too late to help now- I have been researching what I can do to go back over sounds- but totally overwhelmed by the amount of programs available - I have signed up to ten min tutor - but didn’t realise the lady had an ozzy accent- really confusing the sounds for my daughter- have bought toe by toe and seen dancing bears- which one should I use which is best ....... or where the hell do I start!!!!!confused

EducationAngel Tue 21-Nov-17 17:50:23

Hi Heartofhome,

I totally understand the confusion that you are feeling & although I can't comment specifically, because I haven't seen your daughters EP assessment, I can provide some general advice.

One option worth considering is employing a private specialist teacher to tutor your child at home. A specialist teacher will be able to review the EP report and draw up a program to support your daughters specific needs. If you look on the PATOSS website you will find a list of approved specialist teachers.

If you are looking to provide support yourself at home, there are various options open to you which can seem overwhelming. I know of some parents who have successfully used toe by toe to help develop spelling skills, and others who have struggled with it.

Multi-sensory teaching strategies are highly recommended for teaching dyslexic children. So a good starting place could be to work out your daughters preferred way of learning (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) as she is more likely to respond positively to & recall information presented in a way that appeals to her.

You could have a look at the Smart kids website as they have various resources which may help.

Consistency is also important,. Regular, short lessons which build skills over time, with plenty of opportunities for reviewing skills and practising them over and over to help them 'stick'.

Hope this helps

lostparent Mon 27-Nov-17 10:37:40

Hi To you both
I have a 9yrs old, and we are both in the same situation. I have know there was something wrong since nursery. But now in year 5 and they have just done the test. They say dyslexia and I think there is more than that. I'm getting nowhere with school. They are happy to take the Pupil Premium (as my daughter is an x foster child SGO) with, no social worker to make them spend the money on her. The pupil premium goes into a pot for the school to use freely. After being bullied I moved school with big promises from the new school. 4 meeting later, now bullying again and to be told she if ok and managing.
Help can I get an Education Health plan. I have found a school that specialise in dyslexia etc but is private and very experience. I can't pay.

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