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ToriTong Fri 03-Nov-17 14:18:04

Hi everyone!

I am in my final year at Newcastle University studying to be a primary school teacher and for part of my dissertation I would love to have a survey filled out by parents. My dissertation is on Pupil Premium and how it is spent in schools.

I want to investigate this and make sure the money is going to the right places and children who need the help are getting it!

If you have time to fill out my survey I'd really appreciate it, and if you could share it with your friends that would be amazing.

Thank you so much!

Tori smile x

steppemum Tue 14-Nov-17 18:57:08

Hi OP,
You have this thread in the wrong place.
The SEN part of mumsnet doesn't appear on the 'active' page, and most people only come to this corner if they have kids with SEN. So no-one will see your survey.

Can I recommend that you report your own post and ask mumsnet HQ to move it to primary education, (or there may be a proper place for surveys)
Also, make the link clickable!

As a governor though, I know that the spending of PP money is assessed very closely by the school, and each item on the list has to 'prove' that it deserves the money. The money in each school is spent differently, the details should be available for each school on its website, but it is very unlikely that most parents, even parents of FSM kids know what it is spent on.

We base our schools spending on the information given out by Sutton Trust, which has done exactly what you want to do, and assessed spending and how effective it is.
Some items give value overall, eg music provision for the whole class, and some to individual children. It is hard from the outside, without understanding the impact of each £ spent to see if the school's spending is wise or not.

lostparent Mon 27-Nov-17 11:01:33

As a parent of two with a special guardianship order they still get the Pupil Premium. But no social worker now so school puts in a pot. Spent 4 yrs fighting to get my daughter tested for dyslexia. Now they have done it and even thought she has dyslexia, they aren't supporting her I'm still fighting. Its wrong the money is for her not to help put up Xmas decorations and give kids a party. My daughter is in year 5 working at year 1 level. It a joke nobody cares about these SGO or Adopted kids that still have to go through the same as foster children. Yes she calls me mum but I'm not, and she worries about her mum, dad and her other siblings that were Adopted.

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