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Deafness as a parent

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kimistayingalive Thu 02-Nov-17 13:01:43

I am a parent to a smart and cheeky 7 yr old. I always wore hearing aids until the last two years where i suffered really severe ear infections and it turned out it was because of my hearing aids so after trial and error and leaving work due to lack of support i made the decision to stop wearing hearing aids all the time (its that or suffer ear infections which meant i couldnt wear them anyway). Now i wondered if there were any other D/deaf or hard of hearing parents around and how they dealt with adulthood/parenthood themselves?

Ellie56 Tue 07-Nov-17 23:31:14

I'm severely deaf and have always worn hearing aids. I couldn't manage without them, so I put up with the inconvenience of irritation/sore ears and just take my hearing aids out at night and when I'm in the shower or swimming.

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