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Suitable school for severely dyslexic daughter? Help please!!

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cherrypye Sat 21-Oct-17 22:27:41

Round and round in circles with my v dyslexic dyscalculia 13 yr old daughter. She also has- of course- v v poor working memory and v v slow processing. We are overseas so looking at boarding options- so far :
She’s been at Shapwick for a year but not particularly happy and Ed Psych feels not making the progress she should.
Mark college- Too ASD slanted. ( I have an ASD son who was there)
Appleford- The only 3 children I know there are all ASD
Bredon- never get back to me- Ive sent them her report twice now, they seem all keen then ...nothing.
Clayesmore- Looked at her report and weren’t sure.
Milton Abbey- As above.
She’s a sweet little girl, average intelligence but with huge deficits as above, and massive anxiety and low self esteem, I’m not looking all singing and dancing but a friendly caring school where she can make nice friends and be helped through some qualifications. But where is this school? Any advice so gratefully received.

Tainbri Sun 22-Oct-17 21:31:43


cherrypye Sun 22-Oct-17 22:42:01

Oh yes forgot that one! She trialled there and was offered a place but no girls her age at the boarding house. She was sharing with a 16 year old and wasn’t happy . Shame- i liked the head and the school seemed nice...any other suggestions by any chance?

antonio2016 Mon 25-Jun-18 23:58:38

Hi cherrypye,

I'm also looking at a school my my dyslexic daughter. She is turning 11. I quite liked Brendon and they have invited her over. I'm going to visit Appleford soon.

Which school did you choose at the end?

Hope you found a suitable school for your girl.

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