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SEND Support Plan - what is this?

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soggysummeragain Thu 19-Oct-17 21:58:15

Hi there,

I'm really confused and would love some thoughts please.

Ds is nine and we had parents' evening tonight. Ds struggles in maths and less so in Literacy. He is given extra group support.

Usually I am given an IEP but tonight I was handed a SEND support plan with SMART actions. I was asked to sign but told it was just the same as the IEP and no outside agency was involved.

I'm not feeling convinced and wondering if I have signed something that means things are more serious than i realise. Obviously I want what is best for him but he isn't struggling particularly and I am feeling that I should have been told before he was put on the SEND register.

Does this plan mean he is indeed on this register and what does this mean? Shouldn't I have been kept informed? Is this why they wanted my signature?

Feeling really confused : (

BackforGood Sat 21-Oct-17 20:45:40

When the 2001 Educational Needs Code of Practice came out, the IEP (Individual Education Plan) was part of the paperwork dictated by that act.
In 2014, as part of the Children and Families Bill, there was a new Code of Practice. Under this act, there was no dicated paperwork - it states that the 'educational establishment (ie the school) should draw up targets and put interventions in to help the child meet those targets, and that this should then be reviewed. It can be recorded in whatever way the school feels.

Some schools (sometimes Local Authorities - or academy chains - gave guidance for their schools, others left it to individual schools).... decided to carry on calling the plan an IEP, others have altered the format and/or altered the name of the document, but, whatever it is called, it does the same job.

Oh, and, the school should have been getting you to sign the IEP, under the 2001 CoP.

If he was getting support through an IEP before, then he was already on the SEN/D register, in so far as it exists, in order to get the IEP.
IEP targets should also have been SMART.

Just guessing here, but I'm guessing your school either has a new SENCo, or your SENCo has recently caught up with ther training, or theyve got a new advisor / support teacher, or someone new in sernior management who has taken a look at what has been going on, and has given / is giving everything a revamp / update.

there is no change in the level of need / level of support by the paperwork having a different name.

However, if you are not clear at any point, then you must ask for another, separate appointment either with the class teacher, or the SENCo or ideally both, and ask them to clarify whatever it is you are unclear about.

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