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Becoming attached to the child I support

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SpongeCake23 Wed 18-Oct-17 21:16:47

I work as SEN support in a primary school (year 2). I've followed this child up. I started September 2016, so I've worked there for just over a year.

I'm really becoming attached to the pupil, we work closely together every day. He has to be out of the classroom most of the day as he's very disruptive. He has behavioural issues and speech and language problems, so it's me and him basically all of the time. I teach him, differentiate for him, have a laugh and fun with him.
He's becoming quite attached to me from what I can see, he doesn't like me going home and has been following me like a shadow lately.

This job will continue until he's in year 6, so another 4 years. We'll be very attached to each other by then. I'm currently trying for a baby and no success at the moment, but if it happens, I'll be leaving for most of the academic year of that could cause problems for him.

Would be great to hear your opinions and thoughts x

Tainbri Sun 22-Oct-17 21:42:54

My son attends a specialist school and his EHCP stipulates full time 1:1, however he has a different person every day. At first this proved hard and he wasn't happy with the arrangement especially as one of the ladies he really bonded with and they worked brilliantly together. I admit I wish he had her more. However I think it is easier for both of them that others are thrown in the mix because like you're finding if he had her every day all day it would be a nightmare if that were to change. By getting used to others helping out he doesn't become so reliant and it does encourage some healthy independence. It's been hard for me to admit that though but I guess that's also something you may need to talk to school about for both your sakes.

MummaDeeDee Tue 31-Oct-17 23:05:37

He’ll find it a little unsettling and then he’ll be fine. It’s impossible not to get attached when you’re doing a job like that. Circumstances change and all you can do when the time comes is make sure you pass on as much as you can to whoever takes over. Keep to his routine as close as possible. Lots of schools encourage job sharing 1:1 support so the child doesn’t become too dependent on one person.

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