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Moving on to High School

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Minikitty Wed 18-Oct-17 16:45:01

DD (10) is in year 6 and has fairly profound Selective Mutism. She has no EHCP. We are looking at High Schools - being in London we have little to no control over which school she will go to.

Dilemma is: she wants to go where her (few) friends are going. It's a 25 minute bus journey. It's a huge school and the SEN team practically laughed me out of the office saying she'd get no help as she has no EHCP, although I believe the pastoral care in the school is generally good.

There's a slightly closer school, she'd know no one but the SEN team are marvellous - a benchmark in standard of care.

My head and heart are going in different directions - go with friends as she wants, or the support?

Does anyone have any experience? In reality I know that primary friends will probably drift apart as I did from mine, but just to give that initial confidence on the first day / first break / lunch? I'm not sure what I'm asking or looking for, just my head is all over the place and I have to pick the order of preference in coming days!

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