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Dyslexia Late Detection - Help

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malleiras Wed 11-Oct-17 11:45:54

Hi All,

My 16 year old DS has just been diagnosed with dyslexia. I'm really confused and feel like a total shit parent for not spotting this sooner.

In primary he consistently worked above level for all subject and got a 5 in all his SATs and has always been a really confident reader and speller. No issues were ever flagged. Went to secondary school and in the last 2 years started to see that his spelling and grammar had started to deteriorate and I put it down to him getting a bit lazy. Anyway, cut a long story short I raised it with the school and earlier this year he was diagnosed with working memory loss.

He's just undergone some new tests and seems that the issue is dyslexia. I'm really confused sad

Has anyone else been in a similar situation where nothing was ever detected until mid teens? I'm kicking myself for somehow not realising.

DrJLee Wed 11-Oct-17 23:01:03

Don't worry!

It's easy to say but... don't worry! I missed a thousand things. Thing is, it's nobodies fault, not the schools, not the parents... just tackle where you are now and get some strategies in.

How has spelling 'deteriorated'? There is usually a lot going on at secondary- e.g social life, peer pressure etc.

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