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phasma Mon 09-Oct-17 14:23:51

Hi all
apologies for the long post and a first poster too, I will try to summarise best I can without too much waffle.
I have an 11yr old lad who has been with us 7 months, had been in a PRU for almost 3 years due to social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Refusing to attend, then excluded and the PRU refused to have him back (this was in May 17)
After some weeks I managed to get a home tutor secured by the school he was on roll with which saw him through most of the Summer holidays.
An EHCP was requested in 2016 whilst still at the family home.
He insisted he wanted to attend a mainstream school ready for when he started in yr 7-fresh start etc and we were and still am happy to support him with this.
Things started well but within the last two weeks he has been excluded three times, the last time for 5 days due to persistent disruption, walking out of lesson, abusive to staff.
Last week the draft EHCP came through which is lacking quite a lot in support. I have met with the SENCO who will reject the draft given there's not much information.
My problem is, I believe The Head of the mainstream will not want him back, he has already mentioned permanent exclusion and also mentioned a local PRU in the area which I have knowledge of and feel it is not suitable for our young person. I am due in to the school this week to meet after the exclusion.
I have visited a special independent school today(out of area) and due to visit another on Wednesday as I think they are more in tune with his needs ie: Therapeutic support as an addition.
I am currently trawling different sites for information-Mumsnet, Ipsea and SEN Jungle to help with completing the "Representations" reply slip and feel I am out of my depth but want the best possible outcome for our lad.
His Social Worker has admitted she's not really "up" on education issues and has said she is happy for me to go ahead and do what I think is the right thing.

in conclusion, what should I add to the reply slip and also can I name an independent school which obviously will be super expensive to the Local Authority?

Charmatt Wed 25-Oct-17 23:11:20

You can name it but they probably won't agree to it.

Ceto Mon 30-Oct-17 13:51:51

Probably a bit late, but yes, you can certainly name an independent school. The LA will be reluctant to agree but you can obviously point out the history of mainstream school failure. However, have you checked local maintained special schools?

What assessments were undertaken for the EHCP? It sounds as if they should have included CAMHS and possibly a speech and language and occupational therapist. If they haven't, it may be worth pushing for one. Ultimately, you won't get a specialist school named in the plan unless provision in section F is of a type that mainstreams can't supply.

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