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Slow processing speed

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Tinytoto Fri 06-Oct-17 13:48:44

Dear All,

My 7year old had the WISC test and it was observed he has slow processing speed and working memory. We worked with him
in the summer (reasonable revision), come to the start of school and he has forgotten most things.
He gets SEN support in school twice a week. He has homework everyday from
school. He hates doing it even with help.
The thing is as parents we can't handle teaching him and I think we are to blame for his negative attitude but he would rather play with his toys and watch tV. I try to reward work done with tv time etc
Has anyone gone through a similar phase with their child?
He keeps losing things in school despite it being named etc
I fear it is getting worse and don't really know what to do... I don't think my DP takes it seriously and says I have to work with him harder
after school and he shouldn't be playing etc ( i know thats his only down time)
Also should I be looking into OT sessions for him?
Any insight and help would be appreciated.

Tissie Thu 12-Oct-17 13:01:38

A child with slow processing speed and poor working memory will find it very hard to sort out what he has to do, how to do it, what order to do it in, what to write when he has thought of an answer. Find a quiet time to ask him what he finds hard and which bits are hardest. You will need to break this down (reading/writing/spelling/ number work/topic work and use a scale 1-5 to establish which bits are the worst.
I am a retired senco who has worked with children like this and would be happy to offer further advice, even about how to break down specific homeworks, if you like. pm me.

Janeeastdulwich Wed 18-Oct-17 11:49:53

Every child with slow processing speed and working memory difficulties will exhibit these behaviours to a certain degree. You are not doing anything wrong! School needs to adapt learning to suit his needs. Find out what the 'support' exactly consists of. Your son will be more tired and need more breaks than children not struggling with memory and processing issues.
Hope that helps?
Jane (SENCo and dyslexia specialist teacher)

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