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Ed Psych Report

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S999 Fri 06-Oct-17 09:58:51

Hi there

Does one have to disclose an Ed Psych Report to a prospective school even if no diagnosis was found or made?


Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Sun 08-Oct-17 09:40:30

If you commissioned the report then no. The more the school knows, the better. Is there something on the report you want to hide like a low cognitive score?

DrJLee Sun 08-Oct-17 21:25:35

Really you should show up to date information.

If you join a local authority school, and it was an LA EP, they will gain access anyway.

S999 Mon 09-Oct-17 08:27:52

Hi there

Thanks for your messages. We did commission the report and we submit to the current school, which is a private school. We are applying to another independent school and on the application form, it was asked if an ed psych report was ever done, which I declared it had. I've now sent it to them and awaiting to hear if we can sit the entrance exams based on this.

Nothing to hide as such, his academic and cognitive side was extremely hight, it's more behavioural issues with classmates, social problems - no diagnosis was made but verbally, it was suggested that he is high functioning ASD. That is not in the report though.

I think it's always better to be honest though because when the school sends a reference, they will no doubt be asked or will very likely mention an Ed Psych report was done.

My concern is that it will put us at a disadvantage from day one and he would have to be exceptional in the interview and exam to get a look in now.

DrJLee Mon 09-Oct-17 18:37:30

Private schools often have their own tests but high academic achievement will be welcomed.

Good luck and let us know how you get on- Jess

Whinberry Sat 21-Oct-17 10:19:55

An ed psych can't diagnose ASD as it is a medical diagnosis.

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