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Son has full time TA

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Laubloom31 Tue 27-Jun-17 18:46:27

My son is going into year 6 juniors in September, we have just been informed his TA ( he has a full time statement) will be someone whom my son doesn't like or get on with. Does anyone know where we stand with this? I've spoke to school and no joy.

Tainbri Wed 28-Jun-17 12:50:36

This is a difficult one, but is really down to the school rather than the LA as far as I'm aware. I have the same issue that my son's full time is shared between more than one person and he doesn't like one of his. I think you can only put in writing to the head/Senco or whoever, expressing factual reasons why the arrangement isn't suitable (i.e. The persons lack of understanding of your DS's needs means support isn't met and your dc's anxiety rises for example) I think if you just say it's a personality clash they won't take any notice. Presumably the TA might even feel the same?

Laubloom31 Wed 28-Jun-17 19:56:40

Thank you - he has had this TA previously and she was removed--I did bring this up at meeting but the senco "can't remember". I asked my son and in his words - she doesn't listen, he doesn't feel he can speak to her, and he feels she doesn't like the job!!!!!!!! Tricky as he needs the support but I also want him to enjoy his last year. He suffers from anxiety so this won't help!!!! But thank you for ur reply xxxx

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