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Moving to ABA school from mainstream

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philomena15 Fri 16-Jun-17 11:06:19

I have a confusion whether ABA school or mainstream would be good for my son. He is currently in mainstream with ABA support funded by LA. But, LA have a plan to move children with ABA support in mainstream to ABA school. So, they are giving indirect pressure to parents that they are going to remove ABA in mainstream gradually. I feel that my son would benefit from mainstream setting especially social aspects. Academically he is improving in his own level, no behaviours with ABA tutor. He is really good but LA pressurising to transfer him from ABA tutor to TA (mainstream) gradually. I understand there are pros and cons in both settings. But, I would like to keep him in mainstream at least for primary. If anybody have experience like this situation, could you share your ideas about moving to ABA school from mainstream?

Genesis7 Sun 02-Jul-17 21:45:08

Hi Philomena - generally, if your son is not making progress in mainstream with ABA input there may be grounds to consider a special school. LA will have to decide if ABA continues to be necessary to meet needs and may be some resistance! You could contact SENSAS for free consultation, experienced Advocate who worked for LAs now supporting parents! (

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