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SEND in Mainstream Sixth Forms

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Nahameb Tue 30-May-17 13:46:10

My daughter sits her GCSEs next summer but (for a number of reasons) we want to move her to a different school for 6th form. She has had Ed. Psych. Reports and is on the SEN register at her current school. Her difficulties may well affect her GCSE results (in spite of 25% extra time). Her issues are not easy to understand and I worry that a new school will struggle to get to grips with her and will just think she's lazy and disobedient as she is a bright thinker and her verbal skills are way better than most adults so she seems very bright. However, her poor working memory and processing skills means she struggles to retain/process information and instructions, hence the impression that she's bright but just lazy, disobedient and mouthy (she talks constantly but no, she hasn't got ADHD). Even teachers who know the background still decide that 'there's nothing wrong with her'.
So...back to my original query which is whether mainstream 6th forms have 'proper' SEND cover, please, that could cope with this? I know a lot of them are very good with relatively 'understood' issues such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia especially as by 6th form stage a lot of children have found or developed ways to manage with support but that doesn't really apply to my child's situation
Sorry for the waffle. Any advice or shared experiences would be very welcome. Thank you!

langkaw Tue 30-May-17 16:43:32

Hello. I'm a SENCO and am currently trying to find supportive 6th form colleges for my k kids in year 11. I get the feeling from my conversations with colleges that they will not be able to access support without an ehc plan. I would in your position, forward the ed psych report to the senco and ask them to do a pupil passport for her so that staff are aware of her needs and the kind of support she would benefit from.

Nahameb Tue 30-May-17 17:09:06

Hi there!
Thank you very much for that advice. She is currently in a private school and the SENCO there has everything documented to support the extra time she is entitled to in public exams but I had better contact her to see if she has an existing EHC or passport.
Thank you!

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