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2 year old DD possible ASD

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ohdeaeyme Fri 19-May-17 07:21:04

Hi all need a bit of a hand hold.

DD is 2.5 and for a while ASD keeps being mentioned, the HV referred her to the local CDC a few months back with xoncerns but didnt really specifiy what they were. Then on monday after a monster meltdown to a plaster at hospital I got asked if she was under assessment for ASD. So I did some research and it was like a light bulb moment and a lot of the signs describe her to a tee. I had a frank discussiom with rhe HV on wednesday and I asked about ASD and she admittes it is what she is concerned about and is tryint to speed up her referral.

How is it diagnosed in 2.5 year olds?

pandyandy1 Wed 31-May-17 22:34:25

Here to hand hold!!!!

I suspected my son had ASD at 2.5 but proffesionals I talked to at that time thought not.

Anyhow, irrelevant of the timeline he was just turned 4 (just this January) when he received an official diagnosis of Autism.

For more specific info of the ins/outs of that time/ assessment process please do search my use name or PM me xxxx

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