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ADD - to medicate or not?

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MGMidget Thu 11-May-17 17:58:33

My DS has recently been diagnosed with ADD (currently in year 4 at school). He is thought to be 'at the mild end' but we have been offered medication. I am wondering if anyone has experience of giving medication to their ADD child and whether you are glad you did? For those who chose not to medicate did you find other strategies that helped?

BackforGood Fri 12-May-17 00:37:41

Some medication can change some dc quite a lot. It takes a while to get the right medicine and the right dosage, and I've met quite a few parents who haven't liked the fact they have "lost" their dc's personality - quirks and all. Can also create problems with appetites.
Obviously if a dc is really struggling with life and not accessing schoolwork or social relationships then medication can be a lifesaver, but it would definitely be worth thinking hard about and understanding that it doesn't just take away the bits that make life hard. The medication can't pinpoint that well.
Is he hyperactive, or is it purely an attention deficit ?

shitgibbon Fri 12-May-17 02:06:07

What does your DS want? It should at least partially be his decision whether or not to try the medication.

If I had a child who was recommended medication by a doctor, have to say I would not refuse it. Why not try something that might be helpful for him? If it doesn't help, he can always stop taking it.

4catsaremylife Fri 12-May-17 04:23:14

My dd3 (now 21) was diagnosed aged 6 with Adhd and ASD she takes medication to this day on 'school days' my ds1 also with ADHD ASD was offered medication and took it until aged 16 when he decided not to continue. I always took the view that try it and if it didn't suit then we would not continue with it but you are wise to consider all the opinions because the side effects can be troublesome. I'm sending positive thoughts to you and yours ❤ these decisions are always difficult

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