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High Functioning Austism and EHCP?

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StarsAndMarsBars Wed 03-May-17 19:47:52

DS5 has been diagnosed as HFA. I asked about an EHCP and was told that it was very unlikely that he would get one because he's not disruptive and that the school had to apply for it? Is that right? I'm completely lost.

1nsanityscatching Wed 03-May-17 19:56:29

A diagnosis isn't an indication as to whether or not a child needs or will get an EHCP. FWIW my non disruptive,academically able (top 10%) dd with autism has a statement (not yet transferred to EHCP in this Godforsaken LA) giving her 1 to 1 TA support for the majority of each day. You as a parent can and should request an assessment of need from the LA if you believe that your child has needs that cannot be met from the resources available in school,you don't need to wait for the school to apply. Help and advice are available from IPSEA and SOSSEN should you need it.

Fairlawn Wed 03-May-17 20:00:44

My advice would be to speak to the team that handles this at your Local Authority.
I was also told (by LA) that it doesn't matter if it is initiated by school or parent/career, but just to make sure your school are aware so that they don't create a delay with returning their paperwork.
So perhaps speak to the LA direct (I googled my LA and EHCP to find contact) and also speak to SEN at your school.
Wishing you the very best x

StarsAndMarsBars Wed 03-May-17 20:10:07

Currently my son is in a private school but may end up in a state school in year three. Can you apply for an EHCP if you're currently in a private school? Is it school dependent? I was thinking it was a document that outlines his needs which might help guide us to his next school be it state or private?

1nsanityscatching Wed 03-May-17 20:33:27

You might need to double check me on this as I only have experience of statements but I'd say yes you can still apply for an EHCP whilst your child is at independent school but the LA won't fund their ed psych to make the assessment ,you would need to pay for that yourself. For me rather than pay for the LA ed psych to assess I'd get an assessment made by an independent ed psych and submit that as part of the application for an EHCP tbh.

vickibee Thu 04-May-17 10:33:19

My son has HF ASD also, when I asked the school about an EHCP they said not to bother, he is bright enough to access curriculum and make progress.sad This was disappointing to hear as I was hoping a dx would get him lots of extra support in school. As it is we pay for a private tutor so he at leads stands a chance of keeping up (school are taking credit for maths progress but it is down to tutor)
They are assisting in other ways - helping him socially and with friendships etc
I feel that they see him as a drain on their resources as they get no extra funding and his needs are met from existing funds

YoniFucker Sat 13-May-17 12:37:00

What would you want to get out of an EHCP? What do you think he needs? I ask because some things would be covered by IEP.

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