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autism /ADHD diagnosis and starting school

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Abbott10 Mon 03-Apr-17 18:00:04

Hi I'm currently going through a diagnosis for my son as the previous school have highlighted they think he is showing signs of being on the spectrum. HE is a summer born and is due to start school in September when he will only just be 4. My question is if the diagnosis is confirmed wouldn't you recommend I try and defer his start. Date at school until a year later?

CatsDogsandDC Mon 03-Apr-17 19:17:42

My DS was also formally diagnosed just as he reached 4. You know your child best, but it is not necessarily an issue which means you should delay a start at school.

I have seen many ASD/ADHD children thrive in reception after an initial settling in period once they have worked out the rules and routines (I'm a former TA). Many, though sadly not all, schools deal very well with children with additional needs.

On a purely cynical note, if he looks as if he will need 1:1 support in the classroom it will be helpful if his current school are able to support that during the diagnostic process.

Msqueen33 Mon 03-Apr-17 19:24:54

Firstly if you defer check with your lea which year he will go into as some he could miss reception and go straight to year 1.

Both my dc have autism and ADHD. Both diagnosed. My middle dc wasn't diagnosed before she started school. My youngest is much more severe and has little language and is due to start school in September. We can't defer as she was born in January. School will have a duty to provide some support. Have you got in touch with the school in question?

My middle daughter is 7 and has support in school and has done amazingly well. She found it very hard when she first started but is doing well.

I'm not sure on my youngest and am dreading it as I know the first year she'll struggle to cope but we've decided to see how she does for a year in mainstream and then maybe switch to a Sen school.

Only you know your child. Whether you think they will cope and be okay. He might well be fine.

Abbott10 Mon 03-Apr-17 21:56:11

Thanks for the advise both. I have a private assessment coming up so will see what the result is and go from there. Once I have the diagnosis I will speak to the school and find out what support they can offer (should he/we need it). I can't stop thinking about it so thought I would ask for some advise. Thanks again

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