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Schooling for special needs kids

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josbie Sun 26-Mar-17 13:51:55

Hi, I would really appreciate any advice you may have.

We are moving back to England in the summer and I need to find schools for my 3 children. We will be living near Wimbledon/Morden but think I will have to travel for schools. My eldest girl is year 7 currently and is mildly autistic, (Aspergers). The local school is meant to be ok but think she would just be eaten alive as she has led a really sheltered life to date and finds change hard at best of times. Am thinking private, maybe Claremont Fan, St. Catherines Twickenham or even Frensham heights ( which I have heard is pretty open minded). She is intelligent but will struggle with entrance exams as current education system is behind that of England.

It gets trickier. My DS (8) has Dyslexia - local school is good but full and likely no place will come up in the summer either....grrr.

Would love him to go there so he (and we) can make local friends, but realistically will need to fork out and pay for private - ideally laid back little prep school which would just boost his confidence and not put him under too much pressure. Again - wouldn't pass entrance tests -at this point. The local school is good but some of their SENCO budget been removed so think he would struggle even more than he is now.

My youngest dd is really brainy and needs to be pushed along. If I can get the younger ones into the local school will go for that and maybe just use a tutor to fill in any gaps that we can't cover. But if not a local school will be private option again (together with me going back to work!!).

Feel very confused, so any insights into possible school options would be great. Not lived in UK since kids needed schooling so very much out of the loop.


Megatherium Fri 31-Mar-17 16:20:50

Those schools for your daughter should be OK. I have a feeling St Catherine's has an entrance exam but you could inquire about adjustments for her. You could also consider Radnor House which is just the other side of the road to St Catherine's, and has the advantage that your son could go there also. Or you could try appealing for a place for your son in the local school, but it's true to say that all mainstream schools are looking at significant funding cuts unless the government changes its mind.

josbie Tue 04-Apr-17 12:04:40

Thank you for all your advice - really appreciate it!

Mary21 Mon 10-Apr-17 17:52:55

The Hall school Wimbledon and Ewell Castle maybe worth a look for both kids. Private coed with a broader intake.
With regard to state schools the local education authority has to find school places but it doesn't have to be you nearest school or a good school. However London does have a fluid population so you maybe lucky. It's worth speaking to head of learning support /SENCO at all prospective school to see what support can be put in place. The level of support and attitudes can vary. Big schools aren't nesscesarily bad. Sometimes they have more experience and input.
If you need to appeal knowing what schools can offer your children that is specific go them is helpful

Misplacedcell Mon 10-Apr-17 18:46:47

Action for Aspergers might be able to offer some useful input.

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