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Gretton in Cambridge or Wherry in Norwich?

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NennyNooNoo Sat 18-Mar-17 09:10:12

DS1 (12) is on the spectrum and is currently home schooled as we have as yet been unable to get him a place in a suitable secondary school. We live in West Norfolk. He could not cope in mainstream due to extreme phobias and needs to go to a special school for ASD without learning difficulties. He is quite bright and passed all his SATS at his primary school last summer.
We have been trying to get Gretton School in Cambridgeshire named on his EHCP but our council have refused this, as it is out of county and independant meaning more expense. Instead, they have recently offered us the Wherry School which is not yet open but due to open in September 2017 and although in county, is further away (42 miles and well over an hour's drive). We have lodged an appeal against this and are due to have a hearing at tribunal soon. As far as I know, there are no other schools for HFA. We were also offered Orchard House at Fred Nichs but have deemed it unsuitable as it is for pupils with ASD and learning difficulties and he would not be able to do a range of GCSEs there.
I'm often lying awake at night worrying about whether we are doing the right thing, what our chances are of getting our school of choice and how much this is going to cost us in solicitor's fees and an ed Psych which we have to pay for. I'm ally just posting here to see if anyone has any advice or experience on appeals at tribunal, or opinions on either of those schools (obviously Wherry isn't open yet so difficult to comment). Or does anyone know of any other schools specifically for HFA? Thanks

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