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Ditcham Park or Frensham Heights?

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jappa Fri 17-Mar-17 10:20:03

Does anyone have experience of these schools and their provision for dyslexia/dyspraxia? My 9 year old son was diagnosed at the end of year 4, he's now year 5, and as the secondary school option is looming we are considering private for smaller class sizes and better pastoral care. He's in a lovely state primary now, but the local secondary is huge and although excellent for very able kids, may well not suit our son. Churchers College is another that's been mentioned but I don't think he'd get through the entrance exams there, it's quite competitive. Ditcham and Frensham are less selective. We've also looked at Morehouse, but I'm really not sure his learning difficulties are severe enough for an environment like that. He is a very happy, sociable, confident boy and generally behaves well, although easily distracted and unfocused at times. Personal organisation is very weak, along with working memory and processing problems. Any feedback on any of these schools would be wonderful, thank you.

MIlesdavis Thu 23-Mar-17 13:27:19

We've been at Frensham Heights for more than a year and we LOVE it. Our children have dyslexia and the school goes above and beyond to support them. Brilliant head of learning support and compassionate teachers. Highly recommend it. Friends had spoken highly of Ditcham Park and we visited it...the school is really lovely and we also liked it very much. Both are great schools, but the learning support is much stronger at FH so we chose to go there and have never regretted it.

Gianticicle Thu 23-Mar-17 13:48:09

I enquired at FH regarding entry for my moderately dyslexic but academically able child, as soon as they saw the EP's report they told us she wasn't a suitable candidate for their school. So it seems to be very much case by case.

ForPetesSakeNotAgain Fri 24-Mar-17 16:06:18

Our son is in FH Junior School. It is a brilliant place but you have to be comfortable with the laid back ethos. My son is not dyslexic but I hear mixed reviews from Mums whose children are, with some feeling their kids get insufficient support. However at least the kids are unlikely to get their self-confidence crushed like at other more traditional schools - that can be more important than the level of SEN support!

jappa Thu 06-Apr-17 19:47:26

Thank you for your feedback. Mixed feelings from you all and I think we need to have a meeting with the head at FH to really get a feel for whether it will be the right environment. Onwards....

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