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Bredon School, Tewkesbury

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user1488584218 Sat 11-Mar-17 16:05:59

DD needs senior school. Has given up on self as learner (Dyslexic, Dyscalculia) in the 18 months despite small classes in her small mainstream independent. Now no longer even tries; sits staring at work. Teacher and LSA get cross / disappointed with her. Now thinking nice small mainstream independent senior school we found won't work for her. Considering Bredon tho means adding 2 hour journey there/back each day for already exhausted child. Trying to decide if it will be worth it. Anyone with child there currently? Anyone who found it really helped their dyslexic dc? Any info really appreciated.

Goldmandra Sun 12-Mar-17 17:27:08

My DD had a horrible experience there.

One member of the SEN team behaved appallingly towards her and the wider management enabled it. They didn't even contact me when a safeguarding concern was raised about how a member of staff was treating my daughter because they chose to assume she was lying about it..

I don't think they ever had any intention of providing the support detailed in her statement. Things that were promised in advance melted into thin air once she had started attending.

I had to remove her because I didn't feel she was safe there and her anxiety was going through the roof. She is now thriving in a different school.

I know of other people that describe similar experiences and I also know of parents who can't fault the school. I guess it depends on your child's particular needs.

Just in terms of the travelling time, I don't think would help any child to be travelling for that long every day. If the journey is two hours each way, that is four hours travelling on top of the school day. When would she have time for homework and leisure activities?

I would look at boarding if you have to consider a school that is so far from home.

hotdogboogaloo Wed 15-Mar-17 11:58:47

Where are you? Depending on where you are, if you decide that the school you are considering is too far, have you considered Westonbirt as has full, flexi and day girls and very strong SEN. My dd is there (has dyslexia) and doing very well and happy. pm me if want any info (or there's an open day this Saturday if you can make it!!). Either way, good luck with finding the perfect fit for your dd. I know from experience how stressful it is until they are settled somewhere that is right for them.

DrBlackbird Thu 16-Mar-17 04:00:05

Goldmandra can I ask how long ago that was? From website it seems to have been inspected a lot in last 5 years but I wondered if new head was improving things.

Would be 1 hour each way so 2 hours travel in total but still a lot. Boarding not an option for her.

Any suggestions for other schools most appreciated! Problem is in how state schools are too big and independent schools seem to be increasingly selective. We thought we had place at nice independent in leamington spa but new head and new direction away from SEN or just mild SEN left us in the lurch.

DrBlackbird Thu 16-Mar-17 04:05:32

Thanks hotdogboogaloo as it's been a nightmare since school we assumed she'd go to changed from non selective to selection process. DD very dyslexic so narrows the field considerably. We're probably bit too far for Westonbirt as we're Knowle near Solihull.

Goldmandra Thu 16-Mar-17 17:32:32

Goldmandra can I ask how long ago that was?

It was over a year ago but all the staff who were involved are still there.


Goldmandra Thu 16-Mar-17 17:47:21

I've just realised how ill thinking about what happened to DD there is making me feel.

Looking at the website to see if the staff have changed has brought back some horrible memories that I'd rather stayed buried.

I've let you know what happened to us. I don't have any reason to believe that much has changed. I know we weren't the only ones but I also know that other children are treated much more kindly there and their parents are very happy.

Our experience is just one part of the picture. I hope you find somewhere that suits your DD really well very soon. If you like, I can PM you the name of an educational advocacy service that offers a school search service. I didn't use it and you have to pay for it but I believe their rates are reasonable and they seem to have a good reputation.

DrBlackbird Fri 17-Mar-17 06:00:25

Yes please do PM me that'd be great. It does make you ill when you realise school staff are the problem. Especially when your child is more vulnerable.

NewYearNewNickname Tue 21-Mar-17 23:23:18

Have you considered Bowbrook House School in Peopleton in Worcestershire? Closer than to Solihull than Bredon, small non-selective independent school with lots of support for dyslexic students.

DrBlackbird Wed 22-Mar-17 22:31:04

Thanks we did look at it and it seemed really good, but from senior school upwards most of the curriculum is very academic. Just not a good fit for did unfortunately. But thank you for the suggestion.

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