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Combined SpLD checklist

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amy85 Fri 10-Mar-17 12:07:42


Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the combined SpLD checklist?

DS1 teacher filled it out for him and gave it to me at parents evening. She only pointed out the ASD section as I mentioned when I last spoke to her that Alfie appears to have some ASD characteristics and of course because he copes at school it's come back showing no concerns.

However when I got home I looked through it properly and have noticed she ticked lots of "sometimes" (sometimes shows the behaviour" in a different section...Anyone know how many "sometimes" need to be ticked for the teacher/senco to look into it further?

I'll try and talk to his teacher (who is one of the senco's) when I'm at school next just a little miffed she never mentioned it and of course overlooked it all when she talked to DS1's paediatrician

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