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Tips/Advice on the Best Way to Secure an EHCP

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YesAnastasia Fri 10-Mar-17 09:25:44

We're in the assessment stage and I have been asked to specify what I want/think my child needs from an EHCP.

I know have million things to say but what do they want to hear? What is the information they need to sign off - the crux of the situation so to speak?

The actual reason I want one/DS needs one is due to ASD and he struggles in EVERY aspect of school. I am fed up of 'negotiating' support with the school. I want to know what will help him (expert advice) and set it in stone regardless of funding/resource issues his current school may have.

I will not write (or get away with writing) anything untrue but this is bureaucratic society (and this is the bloody LA I'm talking about) and if I can say exactly the right things then they can mindlessly tick the right boxes and DS gets what he needs to access his right to an education.

Thanks in advance.

Mary21 Fri 10-Mar-17 16:56:49

Sossen can be helpful

Haveasay Fri 10-Mar-17 22:55:20

You need be specific about what provision you feel is needed and why, what do you expect will be achieved if it was in place. The local authority will want see evidence that your child needs a level of support, or a specialist resource, that is deemed not to be available through resources your school has access to without an ehcp. They will want to see this evidenced in professional reports.

Tainbri Sat 11-Mar-17 08:19:36

As haveasay has said, they don't want to know about your feelings and emotions. It's all about facts and evidence. In our case it was in x situation ds presents like y as summarised in paragraph 1 page 3 of blah blah report and needs the provision detailed as blah blah on report xxx etc . You get the idea. List down his needs, find them in the reports and find the corresponding support. That's how the EHCP works. A section detailing needs and the section with the provision and the outcomes he'll be working towards.

YesAnastasia Wed 15-Mar-17 18:08:49

Great - thanks

FreshStartTutoring Sun 16-Apr-17 15:17:15

The reality is that even with a 'perfect' application, sometimes a parent/schools request for an assessment or plan can be rejected! I talk from experience, as I'm a SENCO in a school where parents have regularly felt disappointed by the 'system'! My advice is to ensure that your child's school is using the 'graduated approach' and utilising/pursuing appropriate support and strategies! If they are not your application could be rejected, as it has not been proved that the school's resources are unable to meet your child's needs. Also, should your request for an assessment or plan be rejected then threaten to go to a tribunal, as local authorities are desperate to avoid this action. Whilst working for a school in Derbyshire every parent that went to tribunal was in the end was given an EHCP! Shocking but true! Anyway, good luck and stay positive!

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