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Verbal Dyspraxia as a child gets older

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MyschoolMyrules Wed 08-Mar-17 21:44:27

DS is now in year 5. He was diagnosed with Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia when he was 4, received steady and intensive speech therapy and his speech is now clear apart from a few quirky sounds, it he is understood well.

In year 2 he was taken off the SEN list at school because he made such good progress and is doing very well academically, he is a top learner in all subjects.

However, he is really struggling socially, has very few friends. He struggles to play games that others are playing. He never stands up for himself if someone isnt nice to him at school. He never, ever speaks about his thoughts to his teacher, even just to say he has a tummy ache. He does however asks questions and participates to the class assemblies and he does stage school so sings and acts in front of people.

He gets very upset as he can't articulate how he feels. At home he cries many evenings a week, for all sorts of reasons mainly to do with school. He thinks no-one likes him. He only has one or two friends at school and if they don't want to play with him he is devastated.

Anyone else with an older child with Verbal Dyspraxia? Is this a characteristic of Dyspraxia? I spoke to his teacher many times but never raised DVD with her. Should I go back to the Senco? Thanks for any advice.

MyschoolMyrules Wed 08-Mar-17 21:46:03

He is 10 years old, sorry I should have said that.

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