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Suggestions - Secondary provision S/SE England

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CharlieG83 Sun 05-Mar-17 03:51:50

Hi all,

Not sure if there are many (single parenting) Dads on the boards, but I am one and I've found a lot of good advice from you lovely people over the years without actually interacting. I'm in dire need of help, hence my registration and posting. Apologies in advance for what will likely be a long post, but I feel it's all relevant.

Small person and I live in West Wales. She's 9 yo and struggles hugely with mainstream education since moving up to juniors (currently year 4) and has a large number of ALN: in short, she has moderate-severe Cystic Fibrosis (missed 9 weeks due to being in hospital since September), HFASD, ADHD, SPD and some sensory impairment (mild sensorineural hearing loss since birth, query auditory processing issues, and moderate congenital nystagmus). On last EP assessment and based on living with her, she's incredibly academically able, but struggles massively in terms of social and emotional ability - this time last year, when they finally assessed her, in all but speech she came out as being between 2-3 yo in ability. Last academic year she had 72% attendance, but still scored top end level 5s at assessment, so although she's likely underachieving given her assessed ability, the school and LEA are not at all concerned because she's reaching what they need her to. She was one of the kids involved in the Welsh Assembly 'Alternative to Statements' pilot project in 2011, so she currently has an IEP, but on the back of a massive meeting 3 weeks ago with 14 professionals there's been unanimous agreement that she needs statementing, and hopefully that will be complete for her going into Year 5 in September.

I'm very seriously considering moving back to England, for a number of different reasons but not least the lack of specialist academic provision for my girl here in Wales. There IS no specialist provision in or out of county for her, because - and I quote ver batim - she's 'not bad enough' in terms of her autism. When your 9 yo is sobbing into your arms every night after school for almost 12 months because of their experience and perception of their education, I would strongly disagree, but hey, what do I know??? Due to her needs and difficulties, I'm not prepared to move her prior to finishing primary, so I'm looking for suggestions of possible appropriate Secondary provision in the South/South East of England. I'm not fussy in terms of location beyond it being within 1.5 hours commute (train or otherwise) in any direction of central London. I am very definitely NOT looking for residential - due to her physical health, it has to be day based only. Perhaps it will come across as controlling, but when you have a child with a life-limiting illness on top of all the ALN, I don't trust anyone to monitor that in the same way I do day in day out and have done since she was born.

Tl;dr? HELP! Suggestions for Secondary day provision for a girl with HFASD, ADHD, SPD, Cystic Fibrosis and more needed within 1.5 hours of London!

So, so many thanks in advance....


teddygirlonce Mon 06-Mar-17 05:55:26

Hi Charlie welcome to Mumsnet wink.

Just wanted to say 'hi'. Afraid I don't have any direct experience to be of help.

I guess all mainstream state schools are supposed to be inclusive so if you take that as a given (although I guess some will be more inclusive than others?), you probably need to start your search from long-listing schools and then seeing if they could support your DD appropriately?

Are you looking at just state schools or the private sector too?

FWIW, if your DD is clever you could do worse than start with the grammar schools within London and the Home Counties (of which there are quite a lot), and work from there (cross-referencing with relevant council/local support services/good hospital provision)?

Good luck.

donerwillbehere Sun 26-Mar-17 23:42:09

Hello !!!! Here is Alisa that you could look at the school are all SEN and cater for all educational , physical and emotional .... take a look in the net and see what you think ? Your little lady will have to have a statement to be considered for these schools I am wandering as she is bright whether or not she will be to bright if you get my drift ....Limpsfield grange is a girls school ...... woodfield school ...... these are all in Surrey .... my advice to you is to contact the education board around the borders of London and see if they can help .......

doonaduvet Wed 29-Mar-17 12:42:08

Are you looking for an independent school? Have you had a look on the Crested Website - its mainly for dyslexic schools but does have a section for schools with associated difficulties (ASD, ADHD etc) here:
In London itself is The Moat School which was a dyslexic specialist school but now takes students with other difficulties. Students achieve good GSCEs (some excellent) and they are well supported with OT, Speech and Physio at the school.

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