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Does anyone understand the new EHCP bands?

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KeemaNaan Tue 28-Feb-17 22:27:01

Cos I don't!

DS has been moved from a Statement to an EHCP. He's been banded at E2.

Does anyone know what that equates to in the old statement bands as I can find nothing out there that aligns them at all, so I don't know if he has been moved up or down in terms of the support, as hopefully the categories and descriptors have enough changes in to make it tricky.


Haveasay Tue 28-Feb-17 22:50:34

Not all local authorities use a banding system and those that do not all have same values.Have you looked on your local Family Information website or contact your local SENDIAS.

Megatherium Thu 02-Mar-17 07:54:49

This will be something that's local to your area. It is in fact unlawful for support in an EHCP to be defined in terms of bands; it should set out precisely what the support will amount to. For instance, rather than say "X will get support at band E2" it should set out that he will get, say, 25 hours a week direct 1:1 support from a trained TA plus one hour a week speech and language therapy and a speech and language programme set up and supervised by the therapist. That way, even if the amount of money allocated to the banding went down, your child will still be entitled to the support set out in section F.

KeemaNaan Thu 02-Mar-17 08:24:40

Ahh, that makes more sense.

I found it easier to understand what was in each banding. Out of interest, E2 E3 etc seems to be widely used. It's in our area and across the country, so I'd assumed it was the new D E F etc, which is why I wanted to get to grips with how they aligned.

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